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About Breathwave

Breathwave is used in a meditative setting whereby people are guided through a process of relaxing and allowing their mind to be still whilst focusing on their breathing, which brings many benefits including anxiety management, detoxification, nervous system repair, and sometimes trauma release. 

Through a Breathwave practice, the breath is accessed as the vehicle to achieve deeper insight and clarity to one’s own questions, while supporting the letting go of stuck residual emotional patterns and energies.

Why You Should Join Us

Some of the benefits of being part of the community:

  • Live access to Wednesday night zoom sessions
  • A library of previous recordings available on-demand (including guided practices)
  • Reading material to support better understanding of your nervous system and subconscious programmes
  • Support and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people through the chat and feedback room
  • A monthly donation of a portion of the membership fee to a tree charity helping to rebuild native Irish woodlands (we are nature)

Your membership is a connection between

  1. You and yourself
  2. Me as a facilitator and how I may be of service
  3. Fellow breathwavers in co-creation






A Big Thanks

Thank you for your consideration.

This work is offered at the basic rates in membership. If this practice and the support here resonates more with you, I am of course grateful for your added support 🙏🏼